Flamenca & Jimena Lago – Two Wolves for a Lamb


Flamenca & Jimena Lago – Two Wolves for a Lamb
Released: August 13, 2019

Viva Granada! In the visit I did for the anonymous scene with Flamenca, Jimena Lago joined us and we got this great scene in which both work and devour me as if there were no tomorrow. Indeed, I am a lamb before such wolf females, who first eat a bit of each other, giving joy to the clit, and then they do a fine job in two tongues ​​before starting the screwing, this is nuts! We fucked in all positions, first with one and then with another, with more and more lust until finally I can not take it anymore and I pour into the mouth of Jimena, who with much morbidity passes in content of her harvest to Flamenca, which engulfs with delirium, do not miss it!

Date: August 13, 2019